Tomcar Fun

Tomcar Fun

What is the purpose of this website?

Well, one thing that it's not is a source of great knowledge for all things Tomcar. For one thing, I'm a mechanical idiot. Ask me to put together a child's toy and I'll have it broken in three different places long before finally making sense of the instructions. Just ask my wife.

Nor is this website in any way, shape, or form, associated with the Tomcar company. I have nothing to do with the company - I just own a Tomcar.

This site is simply a way to capture the fun and games that we, as a family, enjoy. This site is to capture the weekend adventures we go on, the places we visit, the things we encounter and learn along the way, the mistakes we make, and most of all, the companionship, love, and enjoyment we share together.

This site is mostly a mechanism for sharing our lives with family and friends. However, if by some chance, I actually post something educational or interesting to a wider audience, then by all means, browse and enjoy!

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